Thursday, April 30, 2015

Seamus the Beagle

Seamus, the oldest of our two fur babies. He is 7 years old. He is a Sheltie-Beagle Mix, but takes after the beagle side. One of his nicknames is Beagle! Drew has had him since he was 5 weeks old.

Last week Wednesday we came home to find throw up all over the house. We didn't think much about it because he throws up every so often. Looking back, this time it was a little bit much.
Thursday night he continued to throw up everytime he ate or drank anything. But he was still eating and drinking, which was a great sign! Friday we took him to the vet, she gave him a shot and us some pills that would make him stop throwing up. We thought it worked. Saturday he was fine. He did not eat or drink, but he had stopped throwing up. We thought he wasn't eating or drinking because he was afraid to throw up. (He's so smart sometimes) It was a win in my book. But he was acting strange. We gave it another day. Sunday morning I work up to just one patch of throw up on the carpet. No big deal. I was going to take him to the vet on Monday. 
Monday evening when the Vet office open we took him back, she suggested because he had not stopped throwing up that we take him to the Animal Hospital in Bayreuth (which is about 25 minutes from us, but 45 minutes from the vet, go figure right?) so he could get blood work and tests run.
...Come to find out Seamus' kidney's weren't working properly and they weren't sure why. His creatinine levels were ridiculously high. The Vet, wanted to do an ultra sound to check the size of his kidneys. His right one was a little small, but his left was still bigger than the right, which was a very good sign.
This was him on Monday night when we took him to the hospital.

We ended up leaving him at the hospital over night so they could give him IV's and antibiotics.. They still weren't sure what was wrong with him!
He has been in the hospital since the 27th of April. The next day I went to see visit, and was told that his condition had not changed, if anything he looked worse, and his creatinine levels had gone up to 28! When we dropped him off the night before it was 24. My heart sank. I stayed at the hospital with Seamus just holding him.It didn't look like we had much hope. I was devastated. Drew was a wreck. Seamus is his baby. Normal levels of creatinine are less than 1.4!
Yesterday we went to visit. We were told that his levels were still high, but it had gone down! Hallelujah! He was now at 20. Not any where close to 1.4 but it was going down, and that was great news. He was more responsive. When we went to see him his tail was even wagging. It was a great day. Drew even got to see him. The hospital gave us our own room to visit and told us that we could stay with him as long as we wanted to.. Drew and Seamus cuddled for a while and even fell asleep. The Vet told us that Seamus had been sleeping a lot on Wednesday, and that he was a fighter. They had sent tests out earlier that day and were waiting for them to come back. They are hoping he has leptospriosis, it is a treatable bacterial infection that attacks the kidneys. Otherwise, the unthinkable must happen.

This morning Drew called and he was told that Seamus' levels of creatinine has jumped from 20 to 48 today. 
I'm honestly not sure why I am writing this. I think it's more for my sake. I love Seamus. Every one who meets him loves him. I just hope more people get to meet him too.Just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of him that I've complied over the last 4 years that I've had him.
July 2011: Playing on the Beach Sebastian, FL

September 2011: Spring, Lake, NC. "This is my bed mommy!"

May 2012: Fayetteville Dog Park

October 2012: Charleston, S.C @ Uncle Ian's house

May 2012: Cuddling!

April 2013: Packing up our house in NC, Seamus decided he wasn't going to sleep on the ground.

April 2012:

December 2011: Toronto, Canada, @ Grannie Gwenie's house

May 2013: Kemnath, Germany

"Yeah what?" Kemanth, Germany June 2014