Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Maisel Weiss Bier Festival 2015

May is one of my favorite months in Germany, for one specific reason; Festivals! 
Drew and I call it "fest season", because it's literally a festival every single weekend, Furlingfests, (spring festivals)  Volksfests, and any kind of festival you can think of! The German's like their Bier. 
 One of our favorite festival to go to is the Maisel's Weisse Festival. It does not compare to Oktoberfest, but it's little and only 20 minutes away.

German for Brewery

There was a half marathon going on that ended at the brewery!

Before we moved to Germany, we used to go to this little hole in the wall bar up the street from our apartment in Spring Lake called "Pyrates". They served one German Beer, Maisel's Weisse. Our friends used to get it all the time and when we moved to Germany we found out that the brewery was only 20 minutes away from us!
The first year we were here we went to the festival, but last year it fell on Memorial Day weekend and we were down in Salzburg. But this year when the signs were put up advertising that it was only going on for one weekend, we decided we should go, especially because we weren't sure if we were going to be here next year.
The festival went on for 4 days, from May 7-10, so just one weekend. We went on the last day. The festival isn't like the other festival's we've been to before, it was actually located at the brewery, as opposed to every other festival that is located at a "fest platz" or just a random empty plot of land they use during the summer. 
Think brewery tour mixed with Oktoberfest, but miniaturized and you've got the Maisel's Weisse Festival.
The day we went also happened to be Mother's day, we went with our friend Brenda (who was the friend back in NC that would order the German beer) and her two boys, there weren't any rides, but there was food and beer! The boys were a little bummed that there wasn't any rides, but Nutella crepes, Cotton candy and popcorn sure made them happy.

Me & Brenda with our Gingerbread hearts

I think it says Spatzl?

Brenda's boys :)
Honestly, having food and beer, that's all that really matters to us. I'm not a drinker, I gave 3/4 of my beer to Drew and made him finish it. I go to the festivals to eat. Haha.
It was a good day, I'm taking advantage while I can. I know I'll be sad when fest season is over!