Saturday, May 02, 2015

The Cheeky Beagle Bum

On April 30, 2015 @ 2126, UTC Seamus' heart took its last beat.
On April 30, after 3 days in the animal hospital in Bayreuth, his veterinarian gave us the horrible news- Seamus was dying and there was not a damn thing we could do about it. We had to let him go. His kidneys were shutting down and his blood was poisoning him. He was in pain and without the IV or antibiotics he wouldn't make it through the night.

After drying our tears and settling our bill, we took Seamus on his last car ride 20 minutes home. (He smiled the whole way:)!) We brought him home, let him sit in his yard for a minute before gathering his blanket and making him comfortable on his bed.
The 3 of us cuddled in bed just like we always do. I like to think that Seamus was just glad to be home. I took a video as he was snoring away!

At 2030 the veterinary arrived and explained to us that she would be giving him an anesthesia to put him into a deep sleep, them she would give him something that would stop his heart. 2126 she told us he was gone.
It was honestly one of the worst, if not THE worst, moment of my life.
We know it was the best decision.  He was in pain, and was suffering. There was nothing the Vet could do to save him. I know he was trying to stick around for us. It was the best decision for him. But I can't help but feel robbed. Robbed of time with him. He was only 7. Time; it's never ending and the thing we are constantly wishing for. 
I wanted to share what Drew wrote about Seamus' passing. 

"We had to put Seamus down last night. For all who knew and loved him, I'm sorry we couldn't make him better. But he's not in pain anymore, and is no longer suffering. We were able to bring him home and make him comfortable, and most importantly, remind him how loved he is, and home much we're all going to miss him.
I brought Seamus home when he was just 5 weeks old. I had just moved back to Canada, and didn't have any friends outside of family. He was my friend. My best friend. I would spend nearly every non-working hour with him. I would take him for long (8+ hour) walks through the ravine, and let him off leash to run wild, and we would play with sticks and balls until it was time to go home. He was always there when you needed a cuddle, and truly made my life better. He made ME better. As I said, I spent nearly ALL my free time with him; taking him to the ravine, the dog park, different family members homes. Seamus was loved by all he met, and he loved them just as much. He always got excited when I'd ask him if we wanted to visit someone. Usually, our walks would start with him leading me to Grandad's house so he can get a treat. He loved my Grandad, and the near daily visits we had. He was the most friendly dog that was quick to greet everyone with a kiss. He had lots of friends, both human and canine!
It was devastating to have to leave him to join the Army, and to deploy, but he was always the most excited one to see me come home. When Teanna and I got married, there was no real question about whether or not we would be taking Seamus back from my mother. It was only a matter of when.
Teanna became the best mother a pup like Seamus could ask for. And he loved her with all of his heart. She(we) would spoil him with treats and toys, and he we repay us with kisses and cuddles. Seamus kept Teanna company while I was in Afghanistan, and certainly helped her through the long days and when we were on "black out". He was such a good dog that truly made our lives better.
We have tried very hard to give Seamus the best possible life. We traveled with him, fed him good food, played with him, and loved him every step of the way. I know he had a wonderful life. It is just so heart breaking that it had to end so soon, and so suddenly. When Seamus died, a part of me died. I know you may be thinking, "he was just a dog", but he was more than that to me. He was my friend. He was my family. He was my fur baby. I am not the same person without him.
I just take solace knowing that Seamus is no longer in pain. That he is in a better place, running free in a beautiful ravine, his beagle ears flapping in the wind as he runs, and that he is with my Grandad, getting all the love and cuddles he wants. I may never see him again, but he will always be with me, in my memories."

Seamus was a good friend, companion, brother, daddy, but most importantly a good boy. He got to experience more in his short 7.5 year life, than a lot of people do in their many years. From being able to live in and travel all over Canada and up and down the east coast of the U.S., even living in Europe for 2 years, traveling to Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and all over Germany. He's been to the worlds largest Ice Cave, climbed to the top of Germany (Zugsptiz), pee'd all over the Alps in Switzerland, he's seen Germany's tallest waterfall and been to the heart of the Black Forest, traveled to Prague TWICE, touched a part of History by climbing to the top of the Hohensalzburg and accompanying us on the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, Austria. He's walked all over Berlin and marked his territory at Check Point Charlie. Hell, he's even been Pottery Shopping in Poland!
There was still a lot more that we wish we could have experienced with him. But as Drew said we will take solace knowing that Seamus is no longer in pain, but happily looking over us in Heaven, barking as loud as he wants, eating as much steak and chicken as he can, and running free and happy.

R.I.P. Seamus
October 25, 2007-April 30, 2015

The first time I met him in 2008!
From the moment I met him he sat in my suitcase and told me he wanted to travel!
Can you find the Beagle?

<3 Daddy cuddles
He was the best when Drew was Deployed!
Seminole Fan!

He Loved Gwenny!

Cheeky I am!

No matter how much time passed he always knew who his daddy was!

Sibling Rivalry

Marking the top of Germany as his

He did not like his new backyard!

I am choosing to remember him as this happy dog, with his beagle ears flopping in the wind.
He will be waiting for us when it's our time, he'll be running around, his big beagle ears flying in the wind, because all dogs go to heaven.