Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Deployment, Round 2

For those that don't know my husband is deployed, again. The Army I tell ya, they're not happy unless we're a part. 

We're about a month in and compared to last deployment this has been a breeze! Don't get me wrong it still sucks that he's gone. But in all honesty some time a part does us good. Maybe it's just a military thing, I've had this conversation with so many of my friends who's husbands are in the military and they understand, but trying to explain the "good" in being away from one another to someone who doesn't always have to do it is pretty difficult. Since we're so used to spending so much time away from one another, when we spend more than the usual time together, things don't get pleasant. I think it's because we start to take each other for granted, I know I'm guilty of this.
Since Seamus passed, our house has felt pretty empty, and then after Drew left, it got even emptier. 
But thankfully I have Rylie. She's a handful on her own. Last deployment Rylie was 2 months old and needed my constant attention. She is 3 years old now and although she still needs my constant attention having a new puppy as opposed to a dog who is potty trained is different. Still we've kept busy.
I'm off of work for the summer. I feel like I have nothing to do since now I have 9 extra hours of free time. But keeping busy is the most important part. I'm thankful like last time I have a great group of friends. Although this time it's different since their husbands aren't deployed.

But unlike last time I am able to talk to Drew almost every night. It's way different then last time when I spent a whole month not hearing from him. -_-

Otherwise, I'm doing great. Keeping my head up. Rylie and I go for nightly bike ride when mother-nature agrees with us. I've caught up on most of 2014's adventures and my brother's are coming to visit next month and I've got lots planned when they're here! And hopefully before I know it Drew will be back and we'll have even more adventures to share. :D