Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The WalkyDog Plus

My husband Drew, is off on another Deployment (YAY Army! -_-) I am officially on summer break as of last Friday. Since it's just me and Rylie this time around and she is a little ball of energy I wanted to try biking with her. I don't run. And to be honest Rylie is leash retarded, she likes to walk in zigzags and she tries to kill me! BUT she is fantastic on the bike! Well the first couple of times Drew held her with the leash and she tried to kill him, then we did it again and she was actually not bad.
A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on Facebook of us biking, I was holding her pink leash and a friend recommended The WalkyDog Plus from The Dog Outdoors. Because using a leash while bike riding really isn't safe at all.

I was skeptical at first because it's $52 + S&H for a metal bar that I could attach to my bike. I thought that holding the leash gave me more control over Rylie, boy was I wrong. On one of our bike rides Rylie saw a cat, we were biking down hill and as soon as she spotted the cat, she booked it towards it. Since we were going down hill, she was pulling, I wasn't able to break as quickly as I wished, and I ran over her. No big deal, she yelped a little, but we were both fine. I still didn't think needed to reevaluate how we went biking. Only she did it 3 more times. All 3 times I lost balance on my bike and ended up toppling over, I didn't get hurt, but it made me think of the next time when I actually got hurt!
So I gave The WalkyDog Plus another look, I still wasn't sold on spending that much money, but after ready many reviews and watching other people's videos on how well it works, I decided to give it a try. I found it on Amazon for the same price, but since I have Amazon Prime shipping would be free. I thought it was a great deal, until I read the reviews. On Amazon it is listed as The WalkyDog Plus, but it is actually just The WalkyDog, the original version. The reviews I read about the Walky Dog said that it was a piece of junk. The Dog Outdoors did a review on the differences on both, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

When I finally caved an bought the WalkyDog Plus, I was so excited for it to arrive. I found a 10% off code from RetailMeNot, so shipping was only $5, better than the $14 they wanted because they're shipping to an APO (Sometimes I hate being overseas). 
I received The WalkyDog in a week, Rylie and I were so excited to try it out, but mother nature wasn't cooperating with us. When I finally got to try it out, I was impressed with how easy it was to install, (Usually Drew installs things for me). Everything I needed was in the box.
Also while looking at the box, I noticed that it was made in Germany! Go figure. I bought it from an American company only to have it sent back to me in Germany! Actually the fact that it is made in Germany made me even more excited. Since being in Germany we've preferred to buy German made things.

Rylie adapted very well to the WDP. It attaches to my seat.  I'm able to keep both hands on the handlebars. The WDP also has a patented internal shock absorbing system that severely reduces Rylie's pulling and she isn't able to darting out to the side or in front me of.  Rylie stayed right at my side, she was able to hear me when I was giving her commands. But more importantly when she wants to stop, she doesn't make me lose my balance, because I just keep on going.
I've had this product for about a week now, and I think it was a great investment. Rylie and I will go for 5 mile bike rides with no problems. I honestly thought biking with her was going to be a problem, but with it nothing seems to distract her.

Edit: 04/23/16
After a summer in Germany with the WDP, I have to say, buying it was the best decision I ever made. Rylie and I went on bike rides every day and had I had no problem with it! I brought it back to the USA with me and we went on another bike ride, this time with a road bike and it was just as easy! If you're looking for a product to bike with your pet, this is it!