Thursday, July 02, 2015

German Baked Goods

I like to bake. I don't think I'm good enough to have my own TV show or anything, but not to toot my own horn, I've had my share of compliments when coming up with crazy concoctions. Since Drew is deployed he loves when I send him baked good. Actually, he loves it any time I bake, but with working full time and going to school I kinda put that on the back burner. 
While at the German grocery store I noticed a box made baked goods. German baked goods are amazing. There are bakeries on every corner, in our little town, there are 8 bakeries! So I figured since I was out of some ingredients and I really did not want to bake, but since Drew wanted baked goods in his next care package, I figured I'd try a German brand.

After 2 years my German is still not as good as I wish it was, but a lot of things are similar, but thankfully there's pictures! I grabbed a box of chocolate muffins. I felt that was the safest thing.
Baking was simple enough. The directions were all in German, but on the top I could make out that I needed 2 Eggs, 100ml of Water, and 100ml of Oil. 

In the box, I had everything I needed, from the baking mix to the little muffin liners!

I mixed the ingredients together, saving the chocolate chips to add in last. 

I love the way chocolate chips look here.

I put it in the muffin tin, but not before adding a little ball of peanut butter in the middle, Drew loves it and I wanted to make it my own.

The muffins didn't come out so bad, since Germany uses C, and my oven is F, it converted to baking at 392 degrees, at 17 minutes. I put it at 392 and baked for 17 minutes, but it still needed a little bit more time. 
I forgot to snap a picture, but hopefully in a week when Drew gets it he'll let me know how they were, you know if he's not busy stuffing his face. :)