Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vienna, Austria

I think it's only fair to say that I didn't enjoy Vienna, usually when we go to places and we don't take the dogs, Drew and I are constantly wishing we could have brought them, since we only have Rylie now, it's harder for me to justify boarding her when we drive somewhere and can easily take her. I'm sure you've noticed that we take the dogs with us on every trip where we drive, so after doing some research and hearing that Vienna was dog-friendly I knew we were going to bring Rylie. Vienna isn't dog friendly. They say that it is because they have dog specific parks. Since being in Europe this is the first time we've experienced this, usually as long as you're not inside of a castle/building/etc. pets are allowed to go. Guess Vienna missed this message.
Most of our time was spent in Bratislava, Slovakia, which is an hour away from Vienna, looking back, I'm so glad we did. We stopped off in Vienna because it was literally on the way to Bratislava. The place I was most excited to see was the Schonbrunn Palace. I've seen pictures on Pintrest and did so much research on it. The palace has even been compared to Versailles! 
We typed in the GPS address and decided to stop off at the Schonbrunn Palace to break up our drive and take some great pictures. We found the Palace alright and followed signs to the Parking Garage. Only to find out that they don't allow dogs on the palace grounds. I understand not letting her into the palace, but we've never had a problem bringing her in the garden area. So Drew and I took turns walking around the palace grounds. Palace grounds were pretty nice, but it was super hot out.
Schonbrunn Palace


Not sure why I thought this was so funny, it was on a statue and literally LOLed

On our way back from Bratislava we stopped off in Vienna again to give it another try.  We found a parking garage in the Museum center. Be fair warned, parking is pretty expensive in Vienna. for 3 hours we paid 9 euros!

Just like the Schonbrunn Palace Rylie wasn't allowed on the grounds. We were able to walk around the gate on the sidewalk, but I had walking Rylie on the sidewalk when it's so hot! Drew and I took turns walking through the grounds. We checked out the world famous Austrian Opera House, the Hofbug Palace, the National Library, etc. It was actually pretty amazing to see the buildings.

The Hofburg Palace was pretty impressive, there are the palace grounds and the National Library is attached to it too! Drew took Rylie while I explored. He took lots of selfies with her. It's funny that "Selfie" is universal, everyone knows what a selfie is, and people love it when they see us taking selfies with Rylie. (Because dogs are awesome!)

We didn't get to go inside with her, but we did get a selfie together.
Rylie & Drew Selfie :)

 I thought that the Opera House was absolutely beautiful! They even have men outside dressed as Mozart selling tickets to see the Opera. Maybe if I ever get into Opera I'll come back and watch one.  

In front of the Opera House

The only place that we were able to take Rylie to was the National Library, there were lots of grassy areas where Rylie could walk, AND they even had a little water fountain where people could grab a drink!

Parliment Building


Since most of the places didn't allow Rylie in them, plus it was over a 100 degrees, I was ready to go. We got our pictures and walked around he city for a bit. We debated having lunch in Vienna, but after looking at the prices, we decided to save the extra money and grab some food when we stopped for gas.

All in all minus the fact that we were restricted on places to see I hope we're able to go back to Vienna one day. Next time I'll do research when they say dog friendly, if they really mean dog friendly, or just dog-friendly areas and we'll board Rylie, she did enjoy her walk around the city, she passed out on the way home!