Sunday, September 20, 2015

Burgruine Flossenbürg

After checking out Leutchenburg castle ruins, we headed to Flossenburg ruins. When my brothers were visiting I took them to the Flossenburg concentration camp. I wanted to take them to see this ruin, but we couldn't find where to park, so we said screw it and headed home.
This time, Drew figured out where to park and we were able to check out the castle ruins. It was actually pretty hard to figure out where to park, since there is no actual parking address. We ended parking next to the cemetery, which is actually where everyone else parks and headed up to the ruins.

Flossenburg is the 3rd largest castle ruins in our area. After parking we headed up the little path to the ruins. It was a 300 meter hike to the top. So it wasn't too bad. But climbing uphill is never fun. But we made it to the top, and the pathway was closed! But we saw people on the top of the ruins and decided to be rebellious and go around the blocked off pathway. 
I'm glad we did, if we didn't we would've missed the whole ruins! The ruins itself weren't closed off, I think they were just rebuilding the pathway.


The relatively good state of preservation, the unique location and the beautiful view from the living tower make Flossenburg to a worthwhile destination. The "castrum flozzen" was originally one of the main strongholds of Nordgau. Flossenburg played an important role in the plan of the Staufer emperor to expand the prosperous region Eger to an immediate imperial territory. Earliest part of the castle is the rectangular residential building is on the rock tower, which probably dates from the Salian period shortly after the 1100s.

I love the compass!

  The view from the top was amazing!


We climbed around and explored a little bit. I have to admit, out of all the castle ruins we've been too, Flossenburg was one of the easiest climb/hike so far.
Sidles' @ Flossenburg

<3 them

My Happy Puppy!

For the most part I enjoyed it. Drew planned the day out and got addresses and made a plan. It is very unlike him. I'm the planner in the family. 
It was a nice day, the sun was shinning, and Rylie passed out on the way home. It's always a win-win! I'm glad we were finally able to check this ruin out. It's one of the most famous ones in our area and for good reason. The views are amazing, and it's a nice day trip

Address: Gaisthalweg 2, 92696 Flossenbürg
Cost: Free