Monday, October 19, 2015

Antik und Trodel

Up the road from us in the town on Kulmain, there is an antique store that everyone loves. I've heard such great things about it. Before Drew left to play Army all summer we checked it out and he even picked up a Luxembourg Beer stein. Over the summer I spent a lot of time at the store getting to know the owner Udo and purchasing little knickknacks. Drew's been looking for a bar for quite some time and over the summer I had found one that was perfect, but there was one person a head of me and unfortunately we didn't end up getting it. But last week on their Facebook Page, Antik undTrodel Kulmain-Udo Willacker, they got another bar, but yet again there were 2 people a head of me. I didn't stock much hope into getting it. But on Saturday I got a message from Udo asking if I was still interested in the bar since the other 2 people weren't able to make it out and he knew I've been looking for one. On Sunday we were off, to check out the bar, and the other two knickknacks a big frame for my magnets and a rocking chair. Long story short, we ended up buying it all and it looks great it in our house. When I find a cute pillow for my rocking chair, and finish putting my Frame magnet board together I'll post pics!

The store is super cute! You can even see my rocking chair in one of the pictures!