Monday, November 30, 2015

Edinburgh Christmas Market

It's that time of year again...Christmas Markets! Unfortunately we didn't get to check any out in Germany since we spent Thanksgiving weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland! 

 I was so excited to learn that in Edinburgh, they host their own Christmas Market, or "European Market". Even though from what we could see, it was just like any other Christmas Market in Germany, Gluhwein, Bratwurst and all! Although they did sell Belgium Chocolates and Waffles.
On our first night in Edinburgh, and actually all the other nights we were there, we ended up at the Christmas market. Unlike the ones in Germany, not only were craft and food items sold, there were also rides! Ferris Wheels and a Star swing, of course I didn't get on either of them, but it was nice to see rides at a Christmas Market.

It's in ENGLISH!! AHH!

It's not Christmas without a Pyramid and smokers!

 Belgian Chocolate! I was in Heaven!

If you're ever in Edinburgh during the winter months, I would suggest checking it out. It's centrally located, right next to Waverly Train Station and the Scot Monument, open from 10a-10p daily. It was a nice place to visit to walk off dinner and of course a great place to pick up desserts! 
Best thing about it is that unlike Christmas Markets in Germany which don't start until the Last Friday of the month (Black Friday) and go until a couple days before Christmas, this Market started on Nov. 20th and will continue on until Jan. 4! I think it was the perfect thing to get us into the Christmas spirit! :)