Friday, November 06, 2015

Gaststätte Flößerstube

Looking for a place to eat while visiting Garmisch-Partenkirchen?  I cannot recommend Gaststätte Flößerstube enough! On our last trip down to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Drew and I were wandering the streets of the downtown area, when we decided to stop off for dinner. I had been craving German food (After all we were in the heart of Bavaria!) and wanted a Schweinshaxen. Schweinshaxen is a large pork knuckle roasted till crispy on the outside and fork tender on the inside. It is my absolute favorite German dish.

We walked along the downtown area searching for a restaurant that was decently priced, when we stumbled upon Flößerstube.

It's not on the main strip, it's neatly tucked away, and honestly if I didn't know where we were we probably would've miss it. We walked in a little after 6pm and was able to get a table quickly. You can reserve a table, if you're going after 7pm I'd suggest calling and making a reservation. By the time we left the restaurant was full and they were turning people away. Our server knew right away that we were American, they have English menus, but since we looked at the menu outside we knew what we were having. 
Inside the restaurant.

Our food came out quickly and I was able to snap a quick picture of my Schweinshaxen. We were surrounded by Germans and I felt a little weird about snapping a picture of my food. But I did it anyways. Drew got the Leberkäse, Bavarian Meatloaf, it's actually a liver loaf. It looked like potted meat to me, but Drew said it was amazing. I'll take his word for it. 
My Schweinhaxen, with potato dumplings and pickled cabbage

Usually I can't finish my meal, but this time I had no problem, I'd suggest going when you're hungry! The portions are huge, and you don't want to stop eating!
We ended up talking to a German family that was sitting next to us, they gave Drew their free shot of Ouzo, come to find out they own a house in Naples, Florida and go there for vacation once a year! It really is a small world. 

The atmosphere is wonderful, the people are friendly, the service is great and the food is phenomenal! This is honestly one of my top three places I've eaten at anywhere in Europe. I would go back again in a heartbeat! If you're down in Garmisch, this is a place you want to visit.

Additional Info:
Reservation not needed, but it does fill up fast
Certain roasted dishes (Schweinshaxen, etc. only available after 6pm)
Euro only
Address: Schmiedstraße 2, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen