Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ansbach Weihnachtsmarkt

On our way to Rothenburg, we stopped of to check out the Ansbach Christmas Market. Ansbach is located about 40 km South West of Nuremberg. Since the 1800's the Ansbacher Christmas market has been held annually during the festive season. From 1836 they only allowed local merchants to sell items at the market, they mainly sold Franconian products like Christmas cakes, toys, nativity figurines and ornaments, books, pictures, nuts, apples and mulled wine. 

Since 1983, the Christmas market has found its location on the Martin-Luther-Platz between the two churches, and in 2009 it was extended through the Montgelas Square.

I found parking at the Altzplatz Parking Garage (Am Mühlbach 2, 91522 Ansbach), since we have an SUV I like to know where to park. This parking garage is a 5-minute walk from the Market.

We arrived early on Sunday morning and there were next to no people there. The Christmas Market has a wide range of arts and crafts, Christmas decorations, candles, and winter accessories. Drew was even able to find mitten/gloves for himself!

The best part about the market was that we were able to find Gluhbeir again! We've only been able to find it at one other place, the Wildenreuth Christmas Market

In the center of the market is a giant Christmas Pyramid, on top of a Gluhwein station. It was an adorable place, and it seemed to be where everyone wanted to hang out. Throughout the market there are also fireplaces/ fire pits that contribute to the cozy atmosphere.

I really liked the feel of this Christmas Market, it wasn't as big as Nuremberg, but not as small as Weiden. I think it was a good mix of both.

The Christmas Market is even perfect for Children. They have a little play area, that has a curling rink, a Wagon Train and Carousel for them to play with.

Even though we didn't stay for very long, we left the Ansbach Christmas Market feeling very happy. I would suggest checking out this Market!