Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Photos 2015

I like to do Christmas Photos/Family Pics every year to send out to our family and friends back home. This year I was torn between actually getting some done. I knew I was going to send our Christmas Card out through email...but that's about all I knew.

My wonderful friend Paige, from Paige Ramsey Photography volunteered her services, and I took her up on her offer. Only thing was that I wanted them done at a Christmas Market (it's all the rage now). So Saturday morning we headed off to the Bamberg Christmas Market and killed 2 birds with one stone, we got to check out another Christmas Market, and I got adorable pictures as well! I love Christmas Markets. Everything about them is just so magical. 

My other favorite!

Paige says that she was distracted and it's not her best work, but I love them any ways. She's so talented, even her "not best" work is better than my best work. I guess that's why she's the professional and I'm not. Haha.

I've already picked out my favorite (It was hard choosing) and sent them out to our families.

Rylie's not in any of these this year. I didn't think a Christmas Market would be a good place to take her. Maybe we'll get some with her before Christmas. Haha.
Merry Christmas 2015
Happy Holidays,
Love the Sidles'