Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kemanth Christmas Market 2015

On December 4th, my little town of Kemnath had it's own Christmas Market. Unfortunately, it was a one-day Christmas Market. Compared to the many of the other little villages, my village, well town is pretty big. It even has it's own Hospital!
Every year I look forward to the little market our town hosts. It's not much, but it is adorable. Our friends from Netzaberg even joined us.

Kemnath's own brewery!

I love the food at Christmas Markets. My town has a Goulash bread bowl! It was amazing!

I think the highlight of the night was the fire show. I think it was the entertainment for the night. It entertain all of us! 

I'm really going to miss our little town. Even though we are a bit of a drive from base, I love that we've been able to experience so much because we live out here!