Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Night Watchman Tour, Rothenburg o.b. Tauber

If you’ve ever been to Rothenburg o.b. Tauber, you must have heard of the Night Watchman Tour.

Every night at 8pm the Night Watchman has an English Tour that meets at the front steps of the Rathaus. No reservations are needed, just make sure you are at the meeting point. (There is a sign that says “Meeting Point for Night Watchman Tour”) His tour begins at the Marktplatz, takes a short trip to some key points in the city, then ends back at the Marktplatz.

The tour is full of laughs, and stories which makes the hour zip right by. It is something fun for all ages, at all times of the year. 

There is a fee, 7 Euros for Adults, 4 Euros for students and children over 12, Kids under 12 were free. I wouldn't worry about getting to the meeting point at exactly 8pm, I would try to keep up with him during the tour though. We thought about bringing our dog along, but after the tour we were glad we didn’t. There were just too many people! In our group alone there were about 160 people!

During the tour you’re able to imagine how difficult it was to live during the medieval times, imagining buckets of waste being thrown out the window, into the dirty streets, and how the rich would go on vacation during the summer because of the smell! You get to hear stories about Rothenburg and how it flourished on its own and how today it still flourishes.. only now, it is because of tourism. 

At the beginning of the tour the Nightwatchman gives you a minute to take pictures with him, don't hesitate. After he said he would take pictures no one moved, so I jumped right in, he only took pictures with a handful of people I was luckily one of them!

The tour lasts roughly one hour, and makes about half a dozen stops at various points in the city. At each point, the Nightwatchman gives a little history of the about the city, along with a short story and some jokes. There are plenty of opportunities for photos along the way, and the tour itself is probably one of the best ways to get some of the interesting history and facts about the city, as well as learn what the city has to offer.

For those who are interested, The Night Watchman has a full length DVD available for purchase (15 Euros) that has a more in depth and detailed history of the city.

The Night Watchman tour is an unforgettable way to learn the city’s history. The Night Watchman himself is very entertaining, he makes the history come alive, a must see for anyone passing through the area.

Adults: 7 Euro
Children/Student: 4 Euros
Children under 12: Free
 Tour Length: 1 hour 

Meeting Point: Front steps of Rathaus (City Hall)