Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Oh hey, December!

I love doing these travel updates. I feel like it makes me write more. December is going to be a in country month. Christmas Markets have finally opened, and since it's our last year in Germany we will be taking advantage of all the markets.
Nothing is as magical as a Christmas Market in Germany! Rothenberg, Nuremberg, Regensberg, Coburg, so many places so little time!

The only out of country plan we have is New Years! We're headed back to Prague for New Years Eve. Technically, it's out of the country, but IDK if it really counts since Prague is only 2 hours away. Prague is one of our favorite cities in Europe, and the fact that it's so close is even better!

We're gonna end 2015 off with a BANG! I hope your December is as wonderful as mine will be!