Monday, December 21, 2015

Zur Höll - Rothenburg o.d. Tauber

Ever wonder what it is like to eat in Hell? In the medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber you get that opportunity! At Zur Höll, which translates from German to English as "To Hell", you're able to eat an amazing meal that'll make you feel as though you will be going to hell for having indulged in the deadly sin of Gluttony!

The building is over 1000 years old!! It dates back to around the year 900, it is the oldest house in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, it is part of the ambiance and history that make Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

I first heard of the restaurant through a work colleague, who has been to Rothenburg many times and after the Night Watchman tour, will go to the restaurant for a late night dinner. He made the suggestion to book a reservation online if we chose to go after the Nightwatchmen Tour, because it is one of the few places in town that are open that late. Reserving a table was easy, for those still not familiar with the Germany language, or if you're like me and get nervous, making a reservation can be done online, here.

On Yelp and Tripadvisor, it says that the restaurant is closed on Sundays. It is not. We had dinner on Sunday and it was open for business. We decided to have an early dinner before the Nightwatchmen Tour, and I'm really glad we did. Our reservation for for 6:00p, and we had the table until 7:30p. Upon arrival, I let the staff know what name our reservation was under, and they lead us right to our table. The restaurant itself is very cozy, a little cramped, but very intimate. Perfect for a romantic date night, or even just a nice place to relax after a long day of sight-seeing.

We must look German because one of our waiters came up to us, telling us about the specials in German! (The same waiter was able to tell the rest of the room was American's, and he spoke English to them, right off the bat!) We just nodded, smiled, and said Danke, "thank you", when he was finished. Our other server came up to us, speaking in English and asking what we would like to drink, we decided to splurge and get some wine. Since we like Sweet Red wine, we asked if they had one, and our waitress said that they had one, but it wasn't on the menu. It was one of the best wine's I've ever had! It seemed to be the perfect blend of sweet, dry, and strong, for us... I just wish we asked what the name of it was, and where we could buy some for ourselves!
The menu itself is not very big. Although their drink selection is quite extensive. Most of their menu was bottles of wine (This is the place to have a glass of wine). Their menu is in English and the staff speak English very well. I guess we should've spoken up about needing the English version, but we made it work. I'm actually pretty glad we didn't hear what the specials were, because the food we ended up getting was amazing.

We started off with an assorted cheese plate platter.

For dinner I had the "Teufelspieße" -- a skewer of local pork, beef, and veggies. It was amazing. Our server brought it out on a skewer, with a salad and explained to me what they different meats and veggies were, and put it on my plate for me! That's service right there! It also came with this amazing cream sauce, to put over my veggies and meat. Thinking about it again makes me just want *drool*. She even stopped mid-way of her explanation because she could tell that I wanted to take a picture. That's how I knew they are visited by a lot of Americans!

Drew had the Lamb Cutlets and Veggies plate, He had 8 lamb cutlets, and he says the meat was tender and cooked just right. It was the most expensive item on the menu, but he says he didn't regret his choice because it was "some of the best lamb" he had ever had.

For dessert, our waitress told us about the ubiquitous fried apple rings or the chocolate mousse with ice cream. We chose to split the Apple rings. It was served with vanilla ice cream and some berries. It was amazing! I need to find more adjectives, I feel like I'm writing amazing a lot. But that could be because it WAS amazing!

There were a lot of English speaking guests in the restaurant, some people don't like that, I know that others prefer going to places that toursits like. For the most part, Zur Höll is very touristy, but it is also worth it. The prices for a meal are a bit steep. So if you are looking for a cheap meal, this is not the place. Drew and I had 2 pitchers of wine, an appetizer, 2 entree's, and desert, for a little over 80 EUR. We did see families with small children, so they are kid-friendly. For us, to pay more for a nice date-night was worth it. Over all, we left the restaurant feeling full and happy, and we were even able to walk off some of our dinner during the Nightwatchman Tour.

If you're ever visiting Rothenburg, I'd highly suggest checking this place out! But don't forget to make a reservation or come ready to wait.

Address: Burggasse 8, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Phone: 09861 4229
Euro Only (NO CARDS!)