Saturday, January 09, 2016

Regensburg Christmas Market

The New Year has gotten away from me, but before it gets further into to 2016, I just wanted to share our experience at the Regensburg Christmas Market.
Regensburg Christmas Market is one that I've wanted to check out since we arrived in 2013. Since it is our last Christmas here, I made it a point to check it out.

The best part of this Christmas Market was that there were 4 of them! Although we knew we weren't going to the Thun & Taxi's Market, they wanted 9 euros for admission, per person! No thank you. Although, I have heard a lot of people say great things about it. I don't like going to Christmas Markets and spending more money on entrance fees.

We headed down to Regensburg with a friend and her two boys. It is fun going to markets with kids who are genuinely excited. Plus like me, love to eat and enjoy when Drew gives them piggy back rides!

We parked at Parkhaus Dachauplatz, it is located right in the middle of town. (D-Martin-Luteher-Str. 2, 93047) I think this would be the best parking garage, even if you're going to the Thun & Taxi's Market. I would suggest getting there early. We had a wait a few minutes because it was full. But it is the best place to park

I love going to Christmas Markets to eat, so of course our first stop was food and Gluhwein! 

The boys seemed to enjoy it too, we ended up finding a big Carousel and they boys went on it a couple of times. 

The Market itself is pretty impressive, the stalls and booths around the 500-year-old Neupfarr Church and in front of the classical columns of the former city guardhouse sell a glittering range of Christmas decorations, traditional Nativity crib scenes with carved figures, children's toys and other very practical presents.

I was impressed with the Market. I wish we would've headed over to the Thun & Taxis Market, but spending 18 euros on entrance fee wasn't worth it. If you want to go to the market at Thun & Taxis as well, I'd suggest going during the week, It's cheaper and less people. But Regensburg is a great market. Make sure you try to get there!