Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Book Review: So You Got Stationed Overseas

LeAnna Brown from Economical Excursionists has come out with a ebook to help fellow travel lovers, but those on a budget or even those who don't know where to start! She has graciously shared this guest post with you to introduce her e-book! Travelling has been one of the best parts about being stationed in Europe. I hope her book and my posts will inspire you to take advantage of your time in Europe and travel!


It seems like it is that time of year when kids are cooped up inside due to the weather, so what better assignment to give them than a good old fashioned book report?

We all remember having to do these book reviews and sharing with our classmates.  Well, today, YOU are my classmates and today I'm sharing a book that any military member or spouse who just received orders to or is currently living in Europe NEEDS to have. 

Travel can be scary, expensive, overwhelming to plan and stressful...if you let it be.  
 Or, it can be the right kind of medicine that somehow makes the homesickness go away as you see and do things in Europe that most people only DREAM about!

Who The book is For:
- The people who are convinced that life away from Targets is pure torture.

- The individuals who believe that English should be spoken everywhere by everyone

- The person who can't wait to pack their bags to explore Europe and all it has to offer

- The spouse who wants to plan trips but is too overwhelmed with how to do so

- Anyone stationed OCONUS in Europe who wants to budget travel and save money yet still 

- Planners looking for specific tools, resources, links, tips and tricks that apply to THEM 

Whether you want to be moving to Europe or not, this book is ideal to have to remind those with orders to be OCONUS that even though you may not have the conveniences and comforts of  "home" that you if you take advantage of your unique opportunity to be leaving abroad, you never know what you will discover, both in yourself and the world!

Order the book now HERE and have 5% of the proceeds go towards The Wounded Warrior Project!

About the Author:

LeAnna Brown currently helps fellow travelers learn how to travel on a tight budget and Travel Hack through her blog  After almost 40 countries down in four years and only a few thousand dollars spent a year on travel, they have learned to penny pinch their way to a bare minimalist lifestyle to help them see and appreciate the world.

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