Sunday, February 28, 2016

Burg Burglengenfeld

Saturday was another beautiful day out here in Bavaria. Spring is right around the corner! We had dropped Drew's car off at the shop and were waiting to pick it up. Instead of headed out to Coburg, we decided to stay close by and headed down to Burglengenfeld. Burglenngenfeld is located on the river Naab, 22 km north of Regensburg. From my house, it is exactly an hour drive.

What's so special about Burglengenfeld? The castle that is above the city! The Lengenfeld castle is located on a hill on the northeastern outskirts of the town of Burglengenfeld. From the very extensive grounds only the buildings below the castle are still preserved. The castle was built overlooking the town. It was originally built around 900 A.D. and now stands as the city’s landmark. During the off season the castle serves as a private institute for treatment, promotion, education, training and work including mentally ill young people, and as an academy for artists looking for peace and inspiration. It is supported throughout by the Foundation of Mrs. Irene Heuser-Wackberger.

We followed the GPS to the top of the castle, there is parking right outside of the castle! We weren't sure if the ruins would be open. I know during the summer they hold festivals there, and the towns Christmas market is held inside the castle.

In my research, I found out that there was a 2 euro entrance. I was pleasantly surprised to see that we could visit the ruins on our own. Although we might have been lucky. Someone told me that when they tried to visit, although the gates were open, they were asked to leave. 

We walked around the grounds. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but both Drew and I agreed that from the pictures we saw, the inside was not what we expect. But we still enjoyed our time there. There were art pieces all around the path ways. We even saw peacocks! Rylie was more interested in barking at them. She's never seen a bird that was bigger than her before.

It wasn't a castle ruin we really enjoyed. I think during the summer time when there is more to do, or even during Christmas time, I would've enjoyed it more. But it was still nice to see. 

GPS: Auf der Burg 1, 933133 Burglengenfeld
Parking: Free (Outside of the castle)
Hours: Varies
Cost: 2 Euros