Thursday, February 04, 2016

Norway Itinerary

Norway has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. The Fjords were my absolute  MUST SEE before we left Europe. Since we knew we would probably never make it back to Norway we wanted to take full advantage of our time in Norway and see everything. I was pretty bummed to see that there was hardly any information about seeing multiple places with reasonable prices. So it was left to Drew to plan this trip out. Usually I plan the trips out, but since Drew wanted to go to Norway, and I wanted to go to Scotland, we compromised and I said he would have to plan it out. After he planned this trip, he made sure to let me know how much he appreciated how much work I put into planning out trips.

There were options on transportation, ferries, bus tours, trains, but ultimately we decided to rent a car and drive ourselves. What we spend on gas and a car rental, we would've spent on one train ticket! We rented the smallest car possible and with all the driving we did, we only had to fill up 3 times.

Day One: Stavanger
Arrive Stavanger
Explore Stavanger
Hike Pulpit Rock (I'd suggest hiking the Pulpit Rock first. It's a 1.5-2 hr one way hike!)
Night in Stavanger
Downtown Stavanger

Three Kings Sword
Pulpit Rock

Day Two: Driving
Drive to Flam (7 hrs)
Stop off to see waterfalls and Fjords
Night in Voss

Day Three: Bergen
Fjord Safari @ Flam
(Unfortunately the tunnel to Flam was closed so we changed Plans)
Drive to Bergen (2hrs)
Explore Bergen
Drive back to Stavanger (5hrs)
Night in Stavanger

Downtown Bergen

Day Four:
Depart Stavanger

Looking back now it seemed like a love of driving. But luckily Drew and I get along fabulously during road trips and he humors me when I ask him to pull over to we can take pictures. We also took the trip in August, which is the best month to visit Norway, since it has the best weather and longest daylight hours. If you don't mind being in the car and want to see more of Norway this is the itinerary for you.

To us, this was a once in a lifetime trip and we wanted to pack in as much as possible. If you want to experience Norway, Brgen and Stavanger are the places to visit. I wish we could've gone further up to the Artic Circle, but that would've been way to much.