Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Portugal Itinerary

Nothing beats getting 20 Euro Round Trip tickets, even when it takes you to a city where you are pretty blah about. For us, that was Porto, Portugal. Because we wanted to take advantage of our time in Portugal I came up with a Portugal Road trip! Porto was a nice starting point, but for me the highlight was Lisbon. It is Portugal's capital for a reason! Here's my itinerary for a weekend in Portugal!

Day One: Lisbon
Arrive Porto
Drive to Lisbon (2hrs)
Explore Lisbon
Night in Lisbon

Day Two: Sintra
Drive to Sintra (40 mins) (By car or Train)
Explore Sintra
Night in Lisbon

Day Three: Porto
Explore Lisbon (Missed Places)
Drive to Porto (2 hrs)
Explore Porto
Night in Porto

Day Four:
Depart Porto

It seems like a rushed trip, but I felt like we saw a lot of amazing things. Although I hear a lot of people swear that Porto was worth spending a whole weekend. I'm glad we took the advice from Rick Steves and saw Lisbon and Sintra!