Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Southern Spain Itinerary

I've had a lot of people ask me for my Southern Spain itinerary. This is still one of my favorite trips. I put so much work and effort into planning the trip, that I wanted to share it with everyone. This trip, was the reason I started blogging!

We used Malaga as our home base because of the amazing Ryanair deals.

Day One: Malaga
Fly into Malaga
Explore Malaga
Night in Malaga

Day Two: Gibraltar
Leave Malaga, Drive to Gibraltar (2hrs)
Explore Gibraltar
Night in Tarifa (1 hr)

Day Three: Tangier
Cross ferry to Tangier
Day in Tangier
Night @ Tarifa

Day Four:Drive to Seville (2 hrs)
Explore Seville
Night in Seville

Day Five: Ronda
Drive to Ronda (1 hr)
Explore Ronda
Night in Ronda

Day Six: Marbella
Drive to Marbella (1hr)
Explore Marbella
Night in Malaga (~1hr)

Day Seven:
Day in Malaga

Day Eight: Fly out of Malaga

By the end of day 6, we were ready to be home! We were so glad for the extra day to relax. If you wanted to, you could explore Granada, or spend an extra day in Seville. This trip made amaazing memories. I hope this helped you plan your trip as well!