Friday, March 04, 2016

Burgruine Kallmünz

After leaving Burglengenfeld we decided to head over to the Kallmunz ruins. Kallmunz and Burglengeneld are only 11 km apart from one another. Just in case you want to combine the two runs on a day trip. I didn't have an address for the Kallmunz ruins, so we put in an address that would bring us to the town, then followed signs for "Burg". Burg in German means castle.

We ended up parking in font of the Apotheke. I saw a sign that said "Zur Burg". I've seen enough ruins to know that means the ruins are close by. On the outside of the Apotheke there is even a sign that points to the entrance. I guess they get asked a lot about where they are.

Kallmünz is located in a dominant position over the confluence of the Naab and Vils. The relatively large area bounded on two sides by cliffs, the third, the plateau facing side protects a now relatively shallow moat with kennel and wall towers, consisting of rubble and were added until the 15th century. The impressive city walls is almost completely preserved.

To my dismay, to get up the ruins, you have to climb, stairs! I've had my share of stairs. If I never see another staircase again I will be a happy camper. But it's Europe so stairs are everywhere.
The stairs were a little dangerous, there were guard rails,  but the stairs were so big that they weren't helpful.

When we finally made it to the top I was disappointed to see that majority of the ruins were closed off! We tried to see as much as possible. Rylie even got underneath the gate because she wanted to explore more. 

We debated hopping the fence, but there were so many people there, I'm sure one of them would've told on us. There were so many people at the ruins. It's been the busiest ruin we've visited. To be honest, I enjoy visiting castle ruins when hardly anyone is there. I get a better feel for them.

We explored as much as we could before calling it a day. I really wish the rest of the ruins and the tower was open. But my guess is that it's closed for the winter.
On the bright side, we got to see another ruin. It's always a good day when we go out exploring!

GPS: Burg Kallmunz, 93183 Kallmünz
Free Parking
Pet Friendly