Friday, March 11, 2016

Rauher Kulm, Neustadt am Kulm

Drew and I have been talking about hiking up to the tower pretty much since we got here, but for one reason or another, we never made the trip. So, on a beautiful Saturday Drew decided to take Rylie for hike to the top. I got him to guest post! I love the fact that he's so supportive and willing to contribute to my blog. #besthusbandever

Rauher Kulm is located only 5 km away from Kemnath (about 20 minutes north of Grafenwöhr). Technically, Rauher Kulm is the mountain (well, if you want to get specific; it's a 21 million year old extinct volcano), but when people talk about Rauher Kulm they are referring to the tower that stands atop the mountain.

I put in an address close to the base of the tail. At the base, there are multiple road-side parking spots. From the parking area, it is about a 20 minute hike up to the top of the mountain. Just follow the trail markings, and you will find the path leading up. Once you get to the top, there is actually the ruins of an old fort!

Burgstall Rauher is the name of the remnants of the medieval fort built in 1112, whose tower was part of the Margravial signal system established in 1498. Interestingly enough, the fort on Rauher Kulm was besieged by Waldeck in 1554. There really isn't much to see any more. It is really just a few walls standing no higher than 4 feet. However, it does make a good place to stop off, take a breather, and enjoy the view. I used it as an opportunity to take some pictures of Rylie, since I know Teanna love pictures of her! Haha.

Throughout history, the Rauher Kulm has had several towers sitting atop the mountain. The first wooden tower was built in 1807 and housed a movable
gilded sun, giving the tower it's nickname; the "Sun Temple". By 1895 the "Sun Temple" was dilapidated and replaced with a new tower which stood until 1937, when it was replaced by a tower 6 meters higher.

Due to weather conditions, the tower's platform had to be replaced, and in 1962 a new steel framed tower with wood paneling was built. In 1984, an arsonist set fire to the tower, and it burnt down in a half hour. To this day, the arsonist has not been caught.

The tower that stands today was built in 1987, is 110 steps to the top where you can get a complete 180 degree view of the whole area. From the top, you can see Waldeck, Kemnath, and on a clear day you can even see Eschenbach and as far as Netzaberg! The view from the top is amazing! It is well worth the trip up the stairs.

GPS Address: Am Sporrer 20
95514, Neustadt am Kulm
Cost: FREE!
Open All year round, During winter months it is an icy path