Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is an Austrian city on the German border, with views of the Eastern Alps. It’s known as the birthplace of Mozart and setting for the film “The Sound of Music.” The Sound of Music was the reason I wanted to check Salzburg out. Although since we took the dogs with us, we decided to do our own version of the Sound of Music tour. Salzburg is a beautiful city. I think May was a good time to go, we still needed a light jacket, but the sun was out shinning.

Our day started around the Old town, walking around and just enjoying the sights. Some times we like to get lost in a city then find our way back.
 It wasn't until we found the Old Town Square that we figured out where we were going. Luckily there were enough people out that we knew what the important sights were.

We walked around the city center enjoying the sights, We even stumbled upon the Mozart statue. Salzburg is famous for Mozart, after all this is where he was born. They even have Mozart chocolate, I wasn't a fan..but maybe you would be?

From the city square, we headed up o the Hohensalzburg fortress. The fortress towers over Salzburg and it is /has been the setting for many movies, included the sound of music! It was built at the behest of the Prince-Archbishops of Salzburg with a length of 250 m and a width of 150 m, it is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. Hohensalzburg Castle is situated at an altitude of 506 m. It is an absolutely beautiful castle.

We wanted to take the train up. I wasn't interested in climbing to the top of Salzburg. Unfortunately when we got to the trolley station, we were told that we couldn't take the pups up without muzzle, what really sucked was that we left their muzzles in the car!
I'm not sure how Drew did it, but somehow he convinced me to climb to the top. I was not a happy camper. I would've much rather pay to ride the trolley up, but the views climbing up were incredible!

After our adventure in the Hohensalzburg castle, we walked around the town. Drew pointing out all the Sound of Music places. It worked out in the end since we had the pups with us. If you want to do it on your own, Click Here for the map we used.

The next day, on our way back from Eisriesenwelt we stopped off at Hellbrun palace, where they filmed the song "I am 16 going on 17" from the SoM. Can you tell I'm a fan? This is the only place you would need to find transportation to since it isn't in the city center.

We didn't get to go inside the palace, there was a wedding going on. But we were able to see the Pavilion and that's what I really wanted to see.

Overall our trip to Salzburg was a busy one. It was filled with lots of hiking and outdoor activity. A perfect thing for Drew's birthday weekend!