Thursday, July 21, 2016

FL to CO : The Road Trip

2,000 miles, 5 days, 6 stops, 8 states


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We are less than a month out from our big move!! Where does the time go? I'm finally nailing down some of the details of how this trip will happen. Originally it was going to be a long trip up the east coast, but after accepting a job offer, and having a start date, I knew that I wouldn't want to lolly gag around places we've already seen, but actually head right for Colorado Springs to get settled!
But of course, maybe it's the planner in me, or the travel blogger, but we are definitely not letting this opportunity go to waste, I'll be documenting our adventure through Instagram! Follow along @SidlesAdventures

Where will we be going?

Stop 1: Tallahassee, FL: Drew is a Florida State Fan. He is a student at FSU, but has never stepped foot on their campus! Blasphemy, I tell you! Since my brother lives in Tallahassee, it was the perfect excuse to stop off and check everything out.

Stop 2: Nashville, TN: I've never been to Nashville, but I hear great things about it! It is country music's home after all! 

Stop 3: St. Louis, MO: I've visited St. Louis about 5 years ago when my best friend was living there. But Drew's never been. Home of Budwiser (although, we'll have Rylie we probably won't go on a tour) It is the gateway to the west! After all we are headed out west!

Stop 4: Kansas City, KS/ Topkea, KS: No plans yet, but neither me or Drew has ever been. Lets hope a Tornado doesn't come and take us to OZ! I think Rylie would have too much fun with the flying monkeys.

Stopping point: Monument Rock, KS

Final Destination: Ft. Carson, CO

Thankfully Drew and I are pros at Roadtrips. I've done my research, but I'd love to hear what is a cannot miss in any of the areas, after, how many times will you drive across the country?!