Saturday, August 06, 2016

Eremitage, Bayreuth, Germany

One of my favorite places in Germany was only 15 minutes away from us. In Bayrueth there is so much to see and do. One of my favorite places in Bayreuth is the Eremitage, or "New Palace". Located on the outter area of the city. Although it's great all year round, my favorite time to check out this palace is during the summer when the fountains and gardens are in full bloom.

The Eremitage has its origins in 1616, when the margrave purchased a tract of forest not far from Bayreuth. Half a century later, Margrave Christian Ernst turned part of it into a deer park and shortly afterwards added a "grotto and fountain house".

Margrave Georg Wilhelm founded the Eremitage on the site of a zoo belonging to his father Christian Ernst. In 1715 the Old Palace was begun as the focal point of the hermitage. In the palace and the scattered hermit's huts in the woods the court played at being members of a hermits' order.

The New Palace with the upper grotto, the lower grotto, the Margrave's Hermitage, the "Ruined Theatre" and other small buildings from Wilhelmine's day are still the dominant features of the Eremitage. At the end of the 18th century, the Court Garden was transformed into a landscape garden, which included replacing the boskets with natural stands of trees and meadows. Over the last 30 years, individual sections of the park which disappeared in the 19th century have been reconstructed.

It's such a beautiful place to visit, and although the fountains are closed during the winter it makes the perfect backdrop for photos! We even took our Christmas photos here one year. Perfect place to visit for people of all ages!

Additional Information:
Cost: Free (Grounds)
Pet Friendly
Address: Eremitage 4, 95448 Bayreuth
Park open all year round
Waterworks: May to October every hour:
Bassin at the New Palace: Daily 10 am-6 pm
Lower Grotto: Daily 10.15 am-5.15 pm