Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Road Trip

I haven't had a chance to update, mostly because we've been crazy busy with our move. We did a 5 days, 8 states, 2,800 mile road trip across the USA from Florida to Colorado. #PCSFL2CO
Blog Posts will be coming up, but in case you missed all the exciting adventures I've shared through Instagram and Facebook, here's a recap! 

We passed through exactly 8 states, Florida (I counted Florida, since we traveled from South Florida), Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado.

We had 5 planned stops (not including potty breaks, and state line stops) Tallahassee, FL | Nashville,TN | St. Louis,MO | Kansas City, MO | Monument Rocks, KS  before arriving at our final destination of Colorado Springs, CO.


 It was a fun trip! It has honestly made me fall more in love the the USA. I'm so glad we were able to do it together. Be on the look out for future posts. I'll try to get them out ASAP!