Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tallahassee, Florida

For our first stop on our #PCSFL2CO move to Colorado, was to Tallahassee, FL. Tallahassee has been on Drew's must see list. Why Tallahassee? Instead of heading to Atlanta, we decided to detour and go to Tallahassee for a couple reasons.

1.) No one wants to deal with Atlanta's traffic. (That should be reason enough) 
2.) My brother lives in Tallahassee--free place to stay. 

Drew is in his final semester at FSU and he has yet to step foot on the campus. It's a beautiful campus with lots of History. To us it just made more sense to go to Tallahassee. It didn't disappoint. In college I spent a lot of time in Tallahassee, so it wasn't new to me. Drew was so excited!

Our first stop of the day was to the Prescott Fountain--unfortunately the fountain wasn't on while we were there, but it was still a perfect photo opportunity. Drew and I joked about how we should have gotten him a cap and gown and taken his graduation photos while we were there, since he's FINALLY graduating in December! I guess we'll just have to plan another trip there.

We explored the campus for the afternoon and hit up every single bookstore. Luckily we were there a week before the college kids moved in, so we didn't have to fight with the other students. Unfortunately, Doak Campbell Stadium was under construction. :( We still got some great photos outside.

Drew ended up going a little crazy at the bookstore, with all the FSU merchandise but I figured since he wasn't on the campus, everything he would've spent over the years, he just spent in a day.
But our pit stop in Tallahassee was exactly what we needed!