Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Denver Christkindl Market

After spending 3 year of Christmas' in Germany, we developed an after Thanksgiving tradition of heading to Christmas markets, being back stateside I knew we wouldn't be going to any Christmas markets, but after doing some research I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Denver has a Christmas Market, and apparently it's the best one in the USA (score!) I was skeptical of a USA version of a Christmas market, but the idea of glühwein and German food was all the convincing I needed.

The Denver Christmas Market is in the heart of downtown, next to city hall. The market itself is at the corner of Arapahoe St & 16th St Mall. As a market itself, it's on the smaller side, but then again I've also been to the largest Christmas market in the world in Nurenburg, Germany. Compared to the German markets the Denver Christmas Market is pretty up to par. The German food was so good. They even had potato pancakes and nurenburger brats. I wish the pancakes were deep fried, but it was still so good! I seriously got so homesick for Germany, but at least we got a little taste.

A Christmas Market wouldn't be complete without glühwein. Unlike Germany, where you can find a glühwein stall around every corner, you can only find it in the Bier tent. Inside the tent, it's very well decorated-there was even live music! For $8 you can get a Denver market cup and glühwein. The glühwein it self is only $4. 

They also sell German beer in the tent as well! But Christmas markets are for glühwein! (FYI; inside the tent is cash only, there are ATMs in the market, but it's always smart to get some before heading to the market)

Over all, it was a good market. Great selection of foods and crafts, plus it's something to get you out of the house!

Also for those with younger kids, on the other side of city hall, ther is an Ice skating ring. To skate it's free, the only charge you have is $2 to rent skates!

Skate around the rink and then head over to the market for some food and beer and glühwein. It's the perfect activity for the whole family.