Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Monument Rocks, Kansas

Since we were driving through Kansas, I looked up things to do as we were driving through. What I found out was, if you weren't in a major city, there really isn't much to see/do. When googling things to do in Kansas, Monument Rocks popped up. In my planning I figured out it would add almost 2 hours to our travel time, and since we were on a time crunch we debated skipping it. But the travel lovers in us decided against it. After all, when will we be passing through Kansas again? Not for  long time--hopefully.

Monument Rocks (also Chalk Pyramids) are a series of large chalk formations in Gove County, Kansas, rich in fossils. The formations were the first landmark chosen by the US Department of the Interior as a National Natural Landmark. The chalk formations reach a height of up to 70 ft (21 m) and include formations such as buttes and arches. The carbonate deposits were laid down during the Cretaceous Period in what was then the Western Interior Seaway, which split the continent of North America into two landmasses. They are estimated to have been formed 80 million years ago.

Monument Rocks doesn't have it's own address. I used Google Maps and followed the GPS after we got of the highway. But be fair warned, it is literally in the middle of no where! There are no signs that point you in the right direction until after you get off the highway and out of the city. There is one sign that says "Monument Rocks 7 miles -->" But that's when you're close to the rocks.
Like I've said it's in the middle of no where. There are dirt roads, farm lands, and cows! Be prepared for your car to be covered in dirt and white dust.

Monument Rocks it self is pretty impressive. It is privately owned, but the owners let tourists visit for free. (What else is there to do in Kansas?)

We were the only people there until we left. In total we spent about 15 minutes there, but that was mostly because we were on a tie crunch.  This place is really cool and well worth the detour. So if you're ever passing though and have the extra time, definitely stop off!!