Saturday, April 01, 2017

A day in the West, Sedona, AZ

Back in July I took another trip to Arizona. Drew and I both fell in love with Sedona and really wanted to take another trip there. So for our 5th anniversary, I flew back out to Arizona so we could spend some time together! I knew that while visiting Sedona we would have to take a Jeep tour, it's THE thing to do while visiting. I researched so many places, before we settled on A day in the West.

To be honest, we chose to go with this company because they had a Groupon, going around, and I love a good deal! It worked out great because the Diamondback Jeep tour, is the same path that most of the other tour groups go on as well. The Diamonback Jeep tour is rugged 4 x 4 trail that is sure to get your heart racing, as it climbs through the back country of Sedona's western canyons.

We chose to do the sunset tour, because if you've ever been to Arizona in July, you know that the average temperatures are over a 100 degrees! (**If you take this tour make sure to take a jacket, by the time we got back the sun had set and I was freezing!)

There were a total of 7 of us including our guide, it was us and another family of 4. The bumpiest seat are the back ones. Our guide was great, he told us all the interesting facts about Sedona and the red rocks. He pointed out some cool little spots to take, and even told us where to go for our hike up to the Devil's Bridge the next day. Our driver was so knowledgeable as pointed out natural landmarks around the area and fondly told us about them. I learned later that it was a family run company that has been around since the 40's! How cool is that?

If you have a heart condition, not a fan of bumpy roads, I wouldn't suggest this. But if you're a fan of adventure, want the "Sedona experience" you have to take a jeep tour, and you can't beat the price with A day in the West. Besides, the views while on the tour are the absolute best in the city!