Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ottawa, Canada

Back in July, over 4th of July weekend we headed up to Canada. I know it's very un-American. But technically July 1st is Canada Day, so it's North America's weekend! Last year Drew and I spent the weekend exploring Arizona (I would highly suggest it!) 

This year we decided to do something different. Since Drew has family in Canada, we talked about what would work best for us and decided back in January that we would go up to Canada for Canada day weekend, instead of going up for Christmas. Looks like it was a good choice, because come Christmas I won't be going anywhere.

It worked out in the long run for us, at the time I was only 18 weeks pregnant, barely showing and apparently the "perfect" travel time. It was the perfect time...I know now that I won't get on an airplane for the rest of this pregnancy.

Since we've both been to Ottawa before, we wanted to just spend the weekend relaxing, but we did spend a day playing tourist around the city. It was Canada Day after all!

We hit up the major sites, the downtown area, parliament, we even got to see the changing of the guards at their tomb of the unknown solider. I love being able to see the tombs in other countries. I feel like it's something we all have in common.

Most of the weekend was spent eating. When in Ottawa, a Beaver tail is a must.

A beaver tail is fried dough with toppings on it. There is a list of them, We picked the chocolate and maple syrup one (because you have to have maple syrup when you'er in Canada!) Seriously, it's so good you HAVE to try it.

One of the things I loved about Ottawa, was how much it reminded me of Europe. Maybe it was that old town feel, or it was probably just the market where people are outside all the time buying fresh fruits and veggies. But I think it was mostly the bakery. Walking into the bakery and smelling fresh bread and looking at the fresh pastries. I was drooling the whole time.

There were do many things to do and see while visiting Ottawa, fortunately we've already visited so we didn't play tourist as much as we usually do. But if you ever get the chance to visit. Ottawa is a must. It is Canada's capital after all!