Monday, September 04, 2017

Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, CO

If you're visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, you'll be happy to know that included with your admission (the outragous price that it is) is admission to the Will Rogers Shrine. The Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, also known as Will Rogers Shrine, is a commemorative tower and chapel on Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


It is named for Will Rogers, the American humorist, who died in a plane crash in Alaska in 1935 during construction of the shrine. It is also a tomb for the remains of Spencer Penrose – who built the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and The Broadmoor resort – and his wife Julie.

This historic monument is only 1.4 miles up the Russell Tutt Scenic Highway from the Zoo entrance. The Russell Tutt Scenic Highway, originally named the "Wonder Road" after its miraculous construction. A trip to the shrine is included in your Zoo admission for that day and is a 1.4 mile drive up from the Zoo's entrance. The only way to get up to the shrine is to drive yourself.

Checking out the shrine was something Drew has wanted to do since we arrived, so when we headed to the zoo, it was only fitting that we go up. Within the stone walls, there are statue's of Will Rogers, Chinese sculptures, and landscaping with plants native to the region.

The building is constructed of granite, steel, cement, iron and brass. Its roof was built of ceramic tile. There were no wood or nails in its construction. The interior has terrazzo floors, marble, and ironwork. Stairs lead to the upper floors. For me, the views were what made it worth it. I wasn't impressed with the tower, BUT I was impressed with the views we got from it!

It was something cool to check out on a Sunday (even though things are open in the States, we still have that European mentality) If you are not planning on visiting the zoo, I wouldn't suggest going up. Luckily your ticket is good for 2 weeks after your visit to the zoo!