Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Birth Story | Baby J

I can't believe I'm writing this. Baby J was born almost 3 months ago. Where does the time go?

People say to enjoy this time because it's going to fly by and they're right.

Baby J was born November 26, 2017 @ 10:37PM at 8lbs 1oz.

I was exactly 39 weeks along when he made his debut. The reason he came early wasn't because he was ready, I was induced due to complications. At 36 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational hypertension, i.e. high blood pressure. Of course this was the week that my doctor was out of town. I was sent to the hospital for monitoring and and immediately put on bed rest, I was not happy about this. I think this actually caused more stress on me.

Luckily I was discharged from the hospital and sent home, but I had to go in twice a week for monitoring, they needed to make sure baby J was doing alright, which thankfully he was.

My next apt, didn't go se well. My blood pressure had sky rocketed to about 160/100 (normal blood pressure is 120/80) and I was sent to the hospital again, with another doctor saying that we should have the baby that day. I'll never forget how I laughed at the doctor turned to my husband and said "We're not having a baby today." So we were sent to the hospital again and luckily my blood pressure went down. Now I wanna say that I in no way disregarded what the doctor said. I felt perfectly fine, and if the lab work came back I would have definitely had the baby that day. But it came back fine.

Fast forward to the next week and I was being seen 3 times a week. We had an induction scheduled for when my doctor came back and was on call, but I had a feeling in my gut that it just wasn't time for baby J to make his appearance. So I waited until my doctor came back and got her advice. I cannot stress how important it is to have a OBGYN that you are comfortable with. I knew I didn't want to be another number on the military base, so I opted to have another doctor and I am so thankful that I did.  My doctor was so understanding and supportive. But my doctor was adamant that I shouldn't more like wouldn't make it to 40 weeks. We had two dates to choose from, if I was dilated we'd pick the earlier date, if not the later one. Needless to say, I wasn't dilated, even at 39 weeks.

So Saturday, November 25th at 9pm, I checked into the hospital to get induced. I wasn't dilated and I wasn't even effaced. I was induced using cervidill, it's a little pill thats inserted to help stimulate dilatation. I only needed two dosages, about an hour after the second dose, I needed to pee, 39 weeks pregnant and my bladder was the size of a pea.

Funny thing, as soon as I got up to use the bathroom, a huge gush of water came out. At 4 in the morning, I yelled for Drew telling him that something was wrong, needless to say my water broke. My nurse said that it was a good sign and that labor should come on it's own. It did. By 7am the contractions were in full force and I was dying. I was only dilated 1 cm!! My doctor started me on the pitocin, and said that I could get the epidural when I was ready.

I wasn't ready for the epidural. I was given the impression that I could get the IV injection to help the pain, BUT what they didn't tell me was that my cervix had to get checked every single time. So because my water had broke, I was at a higher risk of infection if they checked me so often. So two hours later, at 9am I said screw it and begged for the epidural.

What they don't tell you is that you have to wait for the anesthesiologist to come and then you have to stay extremely still, and then once the epidural is in you CANNOT move. Oh and here's the kicker, it usually takes about 45 minutes for the epidural to kick in. It took mine almost 2 HOURS!!!!! I was drying.

Let's fast forward throughout the day, I had some scar tissue and was stuck at 1cm, but once my doctor came in to examine me, she broke through the scar tissue and I went from 1 to 4cm. He moved so slowly, I didn't continue to dilate the rest of the day. At about 5pm my doctor came in I was at 5cm and my doctor decided that we needed to talk about a C-section. Luckily after the increase of pitocin to the max dosage baby J started moving. And I felt him moving. The epidural wasn't working, because I'm pretty sure J was sitting on my spine. Back labor is no joke, but at least he was moving.

At 10pm, I had just fallen asleep when I woke up suddenly because (TMI) I felt the need to poop. HAHA. The whole day, my nurses kept telling me I need to let them know ASAP if I ever have that feeling, because it meant that the baby was coming.  Drew called my nurse to let them know, and sure enough he was coming.

I was pushing for less than 40 minutes and at 10:37pm my little miracle baby made his appearance. Unfortunately he got stuck three times, twice on head and once on his shoulder which he dislocated, because of it he took in a lot of fluids amniotic fluid. Luckily after some skilled work the nurses got the fluid out of his lungs and he cried for the first time and hasn't stopped since. 

After giving birth I didn't feel well. The nurses gave me my baby but I told Drew that he had to take him because I didn't feel well. I was told my blood pressure sky rocketed and I was in and out of consciousness for 5 hours. But Drew was with baby J and they got some bonding time in. I was finally stable enough at 3am to be moved to the recovery room. 

Unfortunately baby J had low blood sugar levels and all he wanted to do was sleep. I was told that's not good for babies, so the next day he was brought to the NCIU and put on an IV line and after more testing he needed to be put on oxygen. That was pretty much the worst feeling in the world. I remember all I wanted to do was cry, thanks hormones. But luckily baby J responded quickly and only needed oxygen for one day and finally got his appetite back. 

Overall we were in the hospital for 5 days, but here we are almost 3 months later. I've got this healthy, happy, little baby who I didn't think I would ever get. I can't wait to see what this next adventure brings! 

***This photos are courtesy of Shay Middleton Photography. I opted into getting a birth photographer and it was the best decision I ever made! If you're in the Colorado Springs area, she's your girl!!