About Me


For those of you who don't know, I'm Teanna Sidles (TEE-AH-NUH SY-DELZ). ♥  I'm a 28 year old fur baby mommy, and wife.

From April 2013 - April 2016 we were living in Germany, in our time there together we made it to 30 European countries!

We've moved back to the great USA #Merica to the beautiful state of Colorado, and our love of travelling and exploring has just gotten bigger.

There's so many places to see in the USA and we can't wait to explore every bit of it!

Follow along as we find new and exciting places to explore and travel to as many different places as we can!

About This Blog:
Sidles' Adventures started as as a way for me to keep track of our adventures. Why Sidles' Adventures?  I wanted something that would give me a  wide range of things to write about, not only about traveling, but the adventures both Drew and I will have. After planning and researching every little bit of our week long adventure in Southern Spain, I knew I had to start sharing our experiences. I write about what we do when we travel. I like to know people's first hand experience when traveling, so I thought others would like to know mine.